Real-Time Virtual Care

Transforming Healthcare Delivery for Health Systems, Health Plans and Home Health Agencies

  • Promote Patient Engagement
  • Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Prevent Costly Acute Episodes
Real-Time Patient Management

Accelerating Healthcare Research and Improving Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials

  • Recruit, Retain, Engage More Patients
  • Higher Quality Submissions
  • Lower Trial Duration & Cost
Telehealth-Based Clinical Trials

AMC HealthThe Difference

Customized Solutions... End-to-End or Modular
Data Source Neutral – Compatible with Wide Array of Monitoring Devices
Clinical & Business Analytics
Monitoring Devices In-Home or Remote Set-Up
Virtual Call Center Teams
Daily Monitored Patient Compliance > 80%
Verizon - Strategic Partner
Patient Satisfaction > 90%
Risk-Share Pricing Arrangements

AMC Health Has More ProofThe Industry Leader in Proven Clinical Outcomes

Medical Care
Journal of the American Medical Association
Journal of Managed Care Medicine
Population Health Management

AMC Health In The News

AMC Health Experience, Insights, Proven Outcomes

2002 AMC Health Born 12 Years of Insights
7M Patient Days Continuous Learning
12 Customer-Reported Clinical Studies
4 Peer-Reviewed Published Clinical Studies

Achieve Your Clinical Objectives while Reducing Costs
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