It’s time to make virtual care the standard of care.

Physical boundaries are gone. Patients and clinicians, now more than ever, need fast and reliable ways to connect, communicate and collaborate on healthcare. That’s why AMC Health has been providing clinically proven outcomes since 2002. We increase access to healthcare, reduce healthcare costs, improve healthcare delivery and quality.

Powered by CareConsole®, the only FDA Class II cleared care management platform, AMC Health offers a robust clinical decision support platform along with end-user applications that will continuously monitor patient data and highlight potential gaps in care which can lead to better outcomes, reduced risk and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Life with AMC Health

Life with AMC Health

Virtual care solutions can offer tremendous benefits to your organization, as well as, the patients you care for. In just a little over a year, dramatic reductions in avoidable utilization and increased patient engagement can be recognized.

At Month 3

    • Statistically significant reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions compared to controls
    • Medicare Reimbursement for remote patient monitoring to qualified providers
    • Measurable improvement in blood pressure and glycemic control from baseline

7:00 AM

It’s a good morning. John sleeps so much better since his telehealth nurse saw his sleepless nights as a symptom that his heart wasn’t pumping correctly. They let his doctor know, and after a few adjustments were made, he is now able to wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Life with AMC Health

At month 6

    • >20%* reduction in 90 day all-cause readmissions relative to controls
    • Measurably fewer biometric alerts, including alerts for rapid fluid gain
    • Pre-acute situations are being caught, managed and contained

7:15 AM

John always checks his weight first thing each morning. It is part of his routine. It is important for his telehealth nurse to receive his results each morning, because even a small change could mean trouble.

Life with AMC Health

At month 12

    • Early data support for significant cost savings, mostly as a result of reduced admissions
    • Majority of patients within biometric targets, reducing alert rates and lowering rates of all-cause readmissions
    • Increase in provider referrals given patient enthusiasm and increased care plan adherence

9:00 AM

Cathy is John’s telehealth nurse. She has direct, real-time insight to her patients’ readings, allowing her to catch early warning signs that may need her attention. With this information, she can gently nudge her patients to get back on track.

Life with AMC Health

At month 15

    • Adjudicated claims confirm significant ROI compared to controls
    • Significant increase in the number of complex patients that can be managed by the original number of FTEs
    • Increased interest by internal stakeholders for these solutions to be applied to new therapeutic areas

8:00 PM

John had a great day with his wife. He was able to enjoy his day, knowing his health routine is on track and his telehealth nurse is checking on him. This gives John peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy his hobbies again.

Since 2005, AMC Health has had

meaningful automated patient interactions.

Millions of dollars are being spent each year on avoidable hospital readmissions and inefficiencies of healthcare resources. Don’t you want in on the benefits?

Since 2002, AMC Health has helped healthcare organizations extend their reach outside of the clinical setting, keep patients out of the hospital and improve patient engagement through the use of proven, effective virtual care.

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