Honoring Our Heroes – Kyle & Katie Neumayer

Kyle and Katie first met in high school geometry class and have been together ever since.  Kyle had always considered joining the military directly out of high school, but instead elected to first get his college degree and then commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. Katie, on the other hand, always aspired to become a doctor but had never really considered doing so through the military, until the time of graduating with her undergraduate degree she faced the daunting decision of how to pay for medical school. It just so happened her best-friend, and future husband, was joining the Army…

Though neither had a family history of military service, they both joined in 2009.  Kyle enlisted, went straight through basic training to Officer Candidate School, commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and chose Armor as his branch of service.  Katie began her medical school journey with the assistance of the Army Health Professions Scholarship Program.  Upon completion of his training, with a lot of hard work and a little luck, Kyle was able to be stationed near Katie’s medical school and it didn’t take long for Lieutenant Neumayer to propose to Lieutenant Neumayer.  

In 2011, Kyle was privileged to lead his team through a year-long deployment in Kandahar, Afghanistan, earning a Bronze Star for a job well done but most proud of bringing home all of his men to their families.  When Kyle got home, things became normal again… for about a year until PCS orders arrived.  Kyle had to attend additional military training in Georgia, but Katie was heading to Washington state for a pediatric residency.  They lived apart for nine months until Kyle was also able to stationed in Washington.

Katie began her residency while Kyle promoted and worked in a staff/support position.  Within a short amount of time, it became apparent their career timelines of medicine and armor were not going to match up and they would be faced with spending further time apart and some tough decisions had to be made. Kyle decided to separate from his six years of service and have the ability to move with Katie to Utah to start her fellowship in pediatric critical care medicine.  

In UT, Kyle used his GI bill benefit to obtain his MBA, and Katie continued with her medical training.  They found themselves in their favorite place they had lived, Utah, where they filled their limited free time with skiing, hiking, golfing, exploring, and traveling. After 3 years in UT, they now find themselves in San Antonio, Texas where Kyle has the honor of serving the military community working at USAA and Katie is practicing medicine at Brook Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston.  Their Utah hobbies, especially skiing, are now different in south Texas.  They like to run, bike, golf, and play ultimate frisbee.

Their story is one of many dual active duty stories that have tough decisions that get made every year.  They feel blessed to have both had the opportunity to serve alongside some of the most passionate, intelligent, and caring leaders they’ve experienced while in the military.