Licensed Practical Nurse – Care Manager

Exempt Position

Reports To: Clinical Lead

Primary Job Function:
The LPN – Care Manager is responsible for the telephonic management of complex cases identified for the telehealth program. Remotely responds to patient health problems and needs via phone and maintains medical records. Active license in good standing required.
Essential Job Functions:
Provide Detailed Task, Duties and Responsibilities
  Receives biometric and IVR data and completes trend analysis and triage for selected members/patients. Collaborates with the member/patient, family, physician and all members of the healthcare team, internal and external to this organization. Coordinates the delivery of high quality, cost-effective care based on a customized model of care supported by clinical practice guidelines. Advocates for the member/patient and family among various sites to coordinate resource utilization. Interacts with the member/patient, family, physician and healthcare team. Utilizes “Motivational Interviewing” techniques to influence member/patient behavioral changes to increase the level of compliance with customized care.Encourages client/member/patient participation and compliance in the clinical program efforts. Documents accurately and comprehensively based on the standards of practice and current organization policies. Interacts and communicates, telephonically, striving for continuity and efficiency as the member/patient is managed along the continuum of care. Understands fiscal accountability and its impact on the utilization of resources, proceeding to stabilization and self-care outcomes. Evaluates care by problem solving, analyzing trends and variances and participating in the quality improvement program to enhance member/patient outcomes. Performs care management responsibilities as per customer requirements; recognizes urgent situations and escalates issues appropriately.  

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, ADA, this description identifies the essential functions of the job required to be performed.  Requests for reasonable accommodations to facilitate the performance of these essential functions will be given careful Consideration. The Incumbent also agrees to act in compliance with the Company’s Policies and Procedures, and the legal rules and regulations applicable to the position.

Competencies Required for Position:
Competencies include language; reasoning; leadership, multi-tasking; teamwork; interpersonal; analytics, etc.(Not More than 5)
  Excellent listening and speaking skillsAnticipates, understands and responds to customer needs in timely and professional manner        
Education/Computer Proficiency Requirements:
Indicate specific education and requirements
  Requires a minimum of five (5) years broad clinical experience. Minimum of three years’ experience in home care, discharge planning, case/disease management, telehealth or related specialty fields which may include Pulmonary, Endocrine, Cardiac, and other populations with chronic multiple morbidities. Bilingual ability if working with non-English speaking member/patient populations Flexible work hours, evenings and weekends, time scheduling, travel or on call work specific to the care management program. Basic computer skills such as accessing the internet and navigating from one application to another.Type a minimum of 30 WPM while talking with the member/patient.LPN, CA License.    
Licensure and /or Certification Requirements:
  Licensed Practical Nurse License in appropriate state/s; license must be active and in good standing.
Physical Demands & Work Environment:
Describe the physical demands and working conditions of the positions; specific requirements necessary to successfully perform the essential functions of this job should be mentioned here, such as lifting requirements; stationary or active job; travel requirements; describe work environment.

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 This job description is not meant to be an all –inclusive statement of every duty and responsibility required by the employee.  All employees are required to perform all duties assigned by the company, including those not expressly included in this Position Description, and are required to comply with the Company’s policies and procedures in effect from time to time.