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Christine Rogers
Part of the AMCH Family

“When asked what I like best about nursing, I say ‘it is not about liking, it is about being committed to doing.’ ”

Christine Rogers, RN

How long have you been a nurse?

39 years, 27 telephonic, 15 at home and telephonic.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

My mother was a nurse but that was not why I became one. I originally went to college to be a chemical engineer but was “called to be a nurse” half way through. My nursing has always been for God, not for man. So when asked what I like best about nursing, I say “it is not about liking, it is about being committed to doing.” The good feelings occur along the way.

Please share a story about a situation:

There are so many. But I did have the fortunate happenstance to care for a patient in the hospital who had a rare form of cancer. Due to the fact she was from Saudi Arabia, she also had no bone marrow matches. I cared for her one-on-one for several months, helping her deal with the illness, praying and learning about her religion. When her death was near, she made sure her husband gave me a gift and her father-in-law wanted to meet “The Chris”.

I was taken into the room and due to the fact I was a female, his other female family members were taken out of the room. It was not allowed for him to recognize a woman as he was about to do for me. I wanted to give a gift to the family that was meaningful. I prayed while walking in the mall and I turned around and there it was. A tree of life. They had forgotten to bring one with them from Saudi and needed it to do a ritual. I did not know this but got it anyway and they were able to remove her bell from the tree of life when she passed and put it on a gold chain and give it to her young female child. I was invited to the funeral which was a great honor. She gave me so much. I truly loved her and her family. Her father-in-law sent me Christmas cards until the war broke out. He did so at great risk.

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Liisa Berger, RN
Part of the AMCH Family

“I can’t believe I’ve been a nurse for 35 years!”

Liisa Berger, RN

"I can’t believe I’ve been a nurse for 35 years!

I decided at age 3 that I was going to be a nurse. I lived with my mom, grandparents, uncle, and aunt who was a nurse. I followed her around as she put her uniform on and got ready for work each day and just adored her. My desire to fulfill this dream never wavered and my mom made it happen by applying for grants and loans for me. I have always LOVED being a nurse and don't mind a bit the many, many friends & family members who have asked for my advice or thoughts about their medical concerns (and believe me – they ask about everything!) I’ve worked in many different areas of nursing and am always learning something new, which I love. I’ve been working with AMC for 6 years now and it just keeps getting better!

As for stories - there are so very many... as it relates AMC, I really love when a patient tells me they are so thankful for my call (as one did TODAY!) because it keeps them on their toes, or makes them feel safer to have someone "watching out for them." I feel like my interventions have helped patients avoid hospitalizations, be better prepared for MD appts., understanding their medical conditions better, and to be more interested in their health and how to manage it. I love when they want to "brag" to me about improvements they've made, praise from their doctors, or tell me how they feel better. It makes me feel good knowing they feel they have an ally and are not alone in their wellness journey."

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