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AMC Health

AMC Health was founded in 2002 by Nesim Bildirici, shortly after losing his father to heart failure. Nesim personally witnessed the challenges patient (and their caretakers) face in managing their chronic illness -- lack of coordination between multiple providers, complex treatment plans, multiple medications, patient comprehension issues, and the complications of co-morbidities. Nesim was convinced that his father would have lived longer, and with a better quality of life, with a new healthcare delivery model – one which allows a care team to remotely monitor patients in their home; then proactively connect them with the right intervention at the right time.


AMC Health Key Milestones

  • Advanced Monitored Caregiving Incorporated
  • FDA Approval of Technology Platform
  • Platform Integrated with McKesson EHR
  • First Published Clinical Outcome (Geisinger Post-Discharge)
  • Second Published Clinical Outcome (NYCHHC Diabetes)
  • Third Published Clinical Outcome (HealthPartners Hypertension)
  • Clinical Trials Division
  • Fourth Published Clinical Outcome (Geisinger HF)
  • Platform Integrated with Epic and Allscripts EHRs
  • Government Division
  • Business Intelligence Division
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