Intelligence with a 360-degree view

Intelligence with a 360-degree view

At AMC Health, our thought-leadership is built from years of working directly with clinicians and their patients, firsthand.  Bridging both clinical and virtual health care gives us an unmatched and deeper level of patient intelligence that informs how patients are faring with their conditions when outside bricks-and-mortar clinical settings, and how the latest remote monitoring and virtual care tools can impact disease trajectories.  AMC Health’s Data Science gives you the right advantage throughout your patient and clinician experience.

What is it?

Our Data Science gives you access to real-time data and information to help drive your virtual care programs. 

  • Deep insight into what is working and what needs to be adjusted to achieve better outcomes
  • Insight into ROI
  • Understanding of where these innovative technologies can be expanded to new therapeutic areas and geographies

What are the benefits to you?

Our Data Science enables greater flexibility through:

  • Standard and customized reporting meaningful to your unique program objectives
  • Candidate selection accuracy & enrollment success
  • Performance improvement benchmarking
  • Better tools for gauging patient satisfaction

Data Science with a 360-degree View.

Through AMC’s algorithm-driven platform, clinicians are able to deliver more timely and effective care leading to significant, demonstrated improvements in clinical outcomes and client ROI. Our advanced analytics allows us to become the best possible resource to our clients in such domains as:

Accurate Patient Selection & Graduation Criteria
o AMC has over 15 years of historical data to identify and risk stratify patient populations into optimal patient groups for effective remote patient monitoring

Alert patterns of concern
o Including more nuanced biometric pattern detection

Ever more accurate patient roster stratification based on true risk
o Minimizing false-positive alerts and arming remote care managers the confidence that they are prioritizing the patients most in need of their attention

AMC Health provides the most comprehensive reporting in the industry.

These reports include:

  • Supply chain dashboards that allow for efficient deployment and management of remote monitoring devices real-time in the field
  • Intricate health data analyses to assess historical biometric patterns against clinical interventions
  • Population-wide biometric summary reports to gauge biometric improvements and translate these into quantified reductions in risk of medical complications
  • Population-wide clinical adherence reports to alert care managers to patients at risk of reduced program participation

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