Customized Real-Time Patient Management Solutions

Customized to Patient Populations Chronic Illness or Transitioning from Hospital

Patient Populations

Customized Health Monitoring Open Platform Accommodates Wide Array of Devices
Numerous Manufacturers, Forward Compatible

Monitoring Devices

Customized Care Coordination


Designed for Clinicians by Clinicians
Accommodates Specific Patient and Population Needs


Patient Information


Population Information

Presents Actionable View of “Continuous Patient Knowledge”

  • Helps Customer and/or AMC Health Clinicians Manage Patient and Population Health
  • Respond Proactively to Out-of-Range Readings, Concerning Trends, Non-Adherence Patterns
  • Educate Patients at “Teachable Moments,” Establish Healthy Behaviors

CareConsole Flexibility

  • Forward Compatible -- No Limit to Technologies, Data Sources That Can be Integrated
  • Real-Time Information and Reporting Securely Available to Everyone Who Needs It
  • Compatible with Multiple Systems, Monitors and EHRs

Customized Clinical ServicesAMC Health Call Center Provides Full or Supplementary Coverage

Clinical Teams(Licensed)
  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Certified Diabetes Educators

AMC Health has its own clinical call center, staffed with nurses, certified diabetes educators and dieticians. Clinicians are assigned to patients to provide continunity of care and establish clinical relationships with each patient. CareConsole™ software is both population-based as well as patient-centric. The software supports the use of population-based data for alert management, but may be customized to fit the profile of individual patients, to provide the most clinically actionable information.

AMC Health clinicians use CareConsole™, a web-based portal to manage their caseloads by reviewing biometric data and trends, subjective reports, and adherence. CareConsole™ also supports documentation of trends, communication with the patient, family or other healthcare providers, as well as delivery of patient reminders.

Our clinical services enable you to implement and scale your program while focusing on care, not technology.

Customized Device Set-up & ServiceComprehensive, Scalable Services Deliver Consistent Patient Support


AMC Health offers complete supply chain support, including creation of telehealth kits (including pairing of all associated peripherals), deployment, confirmation of functionality, technical support, decontamination and redeployment.

Customized Patient ServicesAMC Health Call Center Provides Full or Supplementary Coverage

Patient Services Specialists
Patient Services Specialists
  • Enrollment, Set-up, Installation
  • Technical, Compliance Support
  • Participant Education

Our Customer Service team members are available to install or remove equipment in patient homes. They are also available to address any technical issues they may encounter with the technology.

These services may be provided either in-person or over the telephone. Customer care representatives recieve extensive training on senior and illness sensitivity to ensure proper handling of patients, cases and calls.

Customized Reporting and AnalyticsAdvanced Data Analytics, Informative Insight

Patient Monitoring Dashboard

AMC Health works with each customer to determine specific reporting and analytic needs. Real-time data may be obtained from data exported from CareConsole™ at any time. More advanced analytics are also available for use with downloaded data and to provide more extensive analysis.

During the course of an active program, we provide ongoing dashboard summary metrics to measure interim success both clinically and administratively. This also allows assessment on whether the program is on the correct track long before more robust utilization outcomes data becomes available. And, when a sufficient period of time has elapsed to guage program efficacy based on utilization and other data, AMC Health is available to mine large claims, EMR and other data sets to assist in overall program evaluation, as requested.

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