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AMC Health uses an array of devices to assess patients’ biometric status from home. Separate monitors, all FDA or CLIA approved, measure blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation, and send the data via a modem to CareConsoleTM, AMC Health’s secure web-based portal. Data can also be delivered to a customer’s electronic medical record (EMR). We offer a range of solutions that can be used with landlines (POTS), and all of the cellular providers. Bluetooth data transmission supports wireless transfer of data between the hub and peripherals. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is frequently used in conjunction with biometric monitoring to assess symptoms, and to provide education and feedback.

Bluetooth Gateway
Bluetooth Gateway
Single-User Telehealth Monitor

Multi-User/Kiosk Telehealth Monitor
Weight Scale
Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor
Digital Ear Thermometer
Glucose Adapter

Medication Dispenser
Medication Dispenser
Telephonic Communications

Digital Stethoscope
Monitoring Service
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