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Dongjin I-Scope 200



Dongjin I-Scope 200


  • Six levels of volume adjustment, up to 20 times amplification
  • Auto-shutoff and power save mode options to preserve battery life
  • LED power and mode indicator lights
  • Removable/replaceable diaphragm
  • Last volume and mode saved and automatically restored when device is powered off and then on
  • Mode button switches across three settings: Bell (heart), Diaphragm (lungs) and Wide (abdominal organs)


  • One-touch activation system
  • Soft-tip headphones eliminate pain from long hours of use
  • Continuous hearing mode allows up to three minutes of use without holding down operational button
  • Attachable Bluetooth system which can be used with the INSUNG Hi-Care (single/multi-user)
  • Eliminates resonance effect heard in the tubes of existing stethoscope products
  • Stethoscope can be applied over clothes

Product No. i-Scope 200


Device Highlight

Insung HiCare


  • Multi-language touch screen display
  • Connects to multiple medical devices e.g. blood glucose meter, scale, stethoscope via Bluetooth
  • Large, easy to read icons

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