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HiCare Home Doctor (HX-461) - Single User



HiCare Home Doctor (HX-461) - Single User


  • Multi-language touch screen display
  • Connects to multiple medical devices e.g. blood glucose meter, scale, stethoscope via Bluetooth
  • Large, easy to read icons
  • Simple navigation with clear instructions
  • Immediate data transfer to healthcare professionals
  • Allows for text messaging, phone service, cameras
  • 10.1" screen
  • 100ECGs data storage in internal memory
  • Supports real-time videoconferencing using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections
  • Ability to transmit text-based questions/education using branching logic
  • Supports Customized messages/reminders to each patient
  • Easy and fast firmware upgrade through USB memory stick
  • Rechargeable battery provides backup power supply


Connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or wireless H3 Gateway GPRS or CDMA


  • Touch screen allows for quick, easy data collection
  • Simple user interface is designed for individuals with limited technology skills
  • Enables immediate response to potential emergencies
  • Compact and lightweight design allows advanced usability
  • Saves time and cost of traveling to appointments
  • Flexible system allows patient to choose best form of communication
  • One-button operation for acquisition, analysis, storage and printing

Compatible and Recommended Devices:

Product No. AMC-006


HiCare Home Doctor (HX-461) - Single User accessories and other compatible devices

Weight Scale
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Digital Ear Thermometer
Glucose Adapter
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