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AMC Health’s beginnings in 2002 stemmed from founder Nesim Bildirici’s desire to honor the memory of his father, Gabriel. Caring for his father, Nesim witnessed the lack of coordinated care to help manage chronic conditions. He was convinced that his father would have lived longer, with a better quality of life, if remote patient monitoring had been a part of his care.

Armed with an understanding of technology and telecommunications, Nesim set out to harness the power of telehealth to develop a more effective way to care for at-risk patients.

AMC Health has grown to become a leading provider of customized, scalable, cost-effective telehealth solutions for organizations serving at-risk populations. A proven combination of technology and end-to-end support services enables safe, dependable monitoring at home and identifies potential problems that require intervention to avoid serious complications. AMC Health’s remote patient monitoring programs deliver clinically actionable information that enhances care coordination, improves patient outcomes and reduces the overall cost of healthcare.

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