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AMC Health Launches Business Intelligence Services: Turning Data Into Knowledge

Healthcare Organizations Benefit from Learning Opportunities for Population Health and Patient Prioritization

New York, NY — January 21, 2016 — AMC Health, the leading provider of real-time virtual care, today announced a new offering – Business Intelligence Services – aimed at providing healthcare organizations the ability to understand their virtual patient population better, address care delivery and patient behavior challenges, and ensure that patient services are prioritized effectively. The addition of business intelligence complements AMC Health’s end-to-end approach to program development, including population analysis, patient engagement, clinical support, and in-home logistics – building on 12 years of successfully extending care outside the hospital setting.

“We provide focused intelligence to identify the patient populations that benefit from real-time virtual care and its effectiveness to decrease costly inpatient and emergency services,” said Nesim Bildirici, CEO of AMC Health. He further added, “Healthcare is an open market. There is new knowledge that is created every day. By conducting population health analysis, both providers and payers have a better chance of achieving quality goals in risk-based health programs. We don’t only put health data in the right context and make it meaningful, we also use our experience and best practices to provide clinicians with better tools to maintain and improve quality of life for patients, while simultaneously helping payers manage their members more efficiently.”

AMC Health’s Business Intelligence Services help healthcare organizations turn patient data into organization knowledge, enabling them to improve outcomes for complex patients with chronic conditions in a cost-effective manner. Beginning with analyzing what has happened (Reporting) all the way to predicting what will happen (Prediction/Simulation), AMC Health has the ability to improve both clinical and financial health of patients and organizations. Opportunities for learning currently exist for population health – reduction in readmission factors, decreased utilization potential, and reduction in costs of care. There is also the opportunity to learn how to better prevent patient decompensation and when to intervene.

“The reports provided by AMC Health have been valuable. The information delivered has allowed us to closely monitor our progress and comprehend the experience that is happening. We currently are using the reports to enrich the initiative experience and our member participation as it progresses, said Denise Streible, program manager/product development of Humana.”

“AMC Health worked closely with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children to design a customized reporting tool that is both powerful and user-friendly. The portal enables us to track a wide variety of variables and to understand program outcomes with impressive nuance and detail,” shared Jonah Cardillo, senior director of grants and program innovation of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. “Our staff can more effectively track and understand exactly what is happening in real time. Our increased capacity for outcomes analysis will ensure increased responsiveness and continued programmatic improvement in the months and years to come.”

AMC Health’s expertise in customizing and implementing chronic care management programs has contributed to significant improvements in health outcomes and reductions in costs of care that have been validated in peer-reviewed publications. AMC Health solutions have been proven to reduce all-cause hospital readmissions by 20 percent,[1] reduce costs of care for patients with heart failure by 11 percent,[2] improve HbA1c levels for patients with diabetes by 1.8 points,[3] and improve blood pressure levels for patients with hypertension by 11/6 mmHg.[4]   AMC Health leads the industry in proven clinical outcomes, and their Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.[5]

About AMC Health

AMC Health offers at-risk healthcare organizations an FDA-cleared remote patient engagement solution supporting care program effectiveness, behavior change, and clinical efficiencies for chronic and post-acute populations. Its strategic approach, services suite, and technology platform help healthcare organizations reduce utilization, better manage risk, and achieve aggressive quality goals in risk-based and population health programs. AMC Health’s remote patient engagement solutions have been proven in several peer-reviewed, published journals to improve patient outcomes, improve quality of care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

AMC Health’s remote patient monitoring and engagement solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.


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[2] Maeng D, Starr A, Tomcavage J, Sciandra J, Salek D, Griffith D. Can Telemonitoring Reduce Hospitalization and Cost of Care? A Health Plan’s Experience in Managing Patients with Heart Failure. Population Health Management. DOI: 10.1089/pop.2013.0107, December 2014.

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