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AMC Health Successfully Integrates with EHR System

AMC Health Successfully Integrates with EHR System

Successful completion of telehealth testing program ensures faster implementation and greater data exchange

AMC Health, a leading provider of end-to-end telehealth solutions, today announced the completion of their standardized integration with Epic. The bidirectional integration allows demographic data from EHRs to auto-populate AMC Health’s telehealth platform, and data from AMC Health’s telehealth platform to be automatically transferred to the EHR. This integration will accelerate registration and other administrative processes for customers, while also improving clinical efficiency and access to data that is captured as a result of AMC Health’s telehealth programs.

This standardized integration comes after the successful conclusion of a proof of concept test program. With this proven framework, complete integration and use of AMC Health’s technology can be achieved in a significantly shorter time period for customers who are deploying an AMC Health telehealth program. As a result of this tested and approved integration, customers will be less prone to errors due to manual data entry for the data exchanged between systems.

“Increased workflow efficiency and access to a full patient narrative are key areas that will be enhanced by our increased level of integration with Epic. More and more providers are looking to effectively monitor patients in their homes on a daily basis, and that is now easier to accomplish when the telehealth and EHR solutions are properly integrated,” said Nesim Bildirici, President and CEO of AMC Health. “Completing this integration testing is a significant accomplishment for us.”

Bildirici further explained: “Data collected from the home will be available to clinicians instantly in the EHR. This will provide a more complete, longitudinal view of the patient without having to look across multiple systems, and the data will be available for use with the hospital’s or health system’s analytics applications.”

Easy integration of telehealth data into the EHR is expected to help providers manage populations more effectively while encouraging patient engagement and activation. Case managers will have access to historic records together with real-time and near-real time information in the EHR, helping them determine where interventions are required to keep a health situation from getting out of control. Patients will be able to see more complete information about themselves on the AMC Health portal as well, incenting them to follow proscribed treatments and helping them better understand the factors that affect their overall health.

“The more we can make patient data available in a single view, the better equipped clinicians will be to focus on patient care,” Bildirici said. “We are proud that we successfully completed the testing process and are now ready to deliver our capabilities in this area.”

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