Telehealth-Based Clinical Trials Accelerate Healthcare Research

Telehealth-Based Clinical Trials
Virtual Visits Enable Observation, Interaction, Secure Data Collection
While Subjects are Away from Research Site
Observation / Interaction
Bi-Directional Video
Mobile App, Direct Text
Data Collection
Patient Connectivity

Recruit & Retain
More Subjects

Speed recruitment by expanding patient reach to those living far from study site

Improve retention by reducing patient time & travel burden

Engage and inform subjects with mobile app, text

FDA Submissons

Obtain More Robust
& Actionable Data

Send data to study team in near-real-time

Improve protocol adherence and drug compliance

Improve patient safety monitoring and oversight

Correlate findings to other factors (activity, sleep, diet, mood)

Study Efficiency

Reduce Duration
And Cost of Study

Faster recruitment shortens study duration

Improved retention reduces study size

Improved workflow at the clinical research site

Eliminates transcription errors

Supports Fast-Fail approach

Achieve Your Clinical Objectives while Reducing Costs
Receive a Complimentary Health / Cost Opportunity Analysis for Your Organization
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