HealthcareReal-Time Patient Management Solutions

Patient Engagement

Health Monitoring

Care Coordination

With continuous visibility into each patient’s health status,
We guide and empower each patient… and connect them with the “right care at the right time”.



  • Engagement
  • Self-Reliance
  • Quality of Life


  • ED Visits
  • Hospitals Admits
  • Readmissions


  • Utilization
  • Medical Costs
  • Penalties
End-to-End and Modular Solutions
Population Analysis
The Patient Experience
Program Reporting
Clinical and Business Analytics

Population Analysis Health/Cost Impact

  • Identify Populations and Patients Who Will Benefit From Programs
  • Quantify Health Improvement Each Program Will Deliver
  • Quantify Cost Savings Each Program Will Deliver
Population Analysis

The Patient Experience Engagement, Compliance, Satisfaction

Program Personalization
Program Personalization

One Patient at a TimeSelection, Enrollment, Protocols


Personalized Protocols

Personalized Protocols
Health Monitoring
Health Monitoring

Collect Patient InformationFrom Array of Data Sources

Devices Modem or Mobile Captures/Transmits Data
Care Coordination
Care Coordination

Real-Time Patient KnowledgePresented on Clinician Portal

Patient Status/Patient Triage
Patient Connects to Right Intervention At the Right Time
Patient Participation
85% Of Targeted Patients Register
Patient Compliance
Readings Taken on 80% of Patient Days
Patient Satisfaction
90% Of Patients Satisfied with Program

Program ReportingCustomized Clinical & Business Analytics

Program Reports

Dashboard Summary Helps Evaluate and Optimize Program

  • Early Assessments Guides Adjustment, Course Correction
  • Ongoing Assessments Mine Large Claims, EHR, Other Data
  • Integration of Reporting into Workflows
Patient Reports

Real-Time Data Sourced from CareConsole

  • Clinical Data
    • Biometric & Behavioral
    • Compliance
    • Outreach &Utilization
  • Non-Clinical Data
    • Enrollment
    • Device Installation & Retrieval
    • Service
Patient Monitoring Dashboard
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