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There is no one-size-fits-all solution. At AMC Health, we provide customized, end-to-end telehealth solutions that support your patients’ journeys toward better health and improved quality of life. We collaborate with you to tailor a telehealth solution for your population based on your specific needs and objectives.

AMC Health works with you to identify segments of your population that will benefit from telehealth services. Our solutions monitor the whole person, not just a single condition. Populations with a variety of health challenges such as diabetes, heart failure, COPD, asthma and medication adherence have utilized our integrated telehealth solutions. We offer biometric monitoring, interactive voice response, medication monitoring, video visits, personal emergency response services, and clinical telecare management solutions that are designed and implemented in collaboration with your team.

AMC Health’s telehealth solutions help you intervene proactively, ahead of a costly acute episode. With this strategic approach, you can use limited clinical resources more efficiently and maximize care coordination across the clinical continuum.

Solutions that deliver outcomes:


We collaborate to provide custom solutions that will work in your environment.


Our patient-centric solutions monitor the whole patient, not just a single condition. They are easy to use and configurable to each patient’s needs.

Cost Effective

We use multiple vendors to provide cost-effective solutions. Your patients will receive the technology they need and no more. You pay only for what you use.


We offer comprehensive wrap-around services to assure that your telehealth program will succeed. Our clinical and deployment services enable you to implement and scale your program while focusing on the care of patients, not the technology.


Our care coordination platform accommodates both existing and future devices, technologies and services, with robust reporting that tracks individual patients’ progress and population-wide outcomes, including quality ratings such as HEDIS/Stars and Homecare Compare.

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