How We Help Health Plans / Insurers

Accountable Care Organizations

Improve Quality, Safety, Coordination of Care for Sickest Members - While Reducing Costs

We help health plans better manage their chronically ill members by identifying those who will respond positively to telehealth while at home, engaging them in healthier behaviors, and enabling proactive and timely intervention.

  • Alert Clinicians to Small Problems Before They Become Big Ones -- Timely Intervention Prevents Adverse Event as Well as Costly ED Visits, Hospitalization and Re-admissions
  • Improve Clinical Efficiency of Existing Care Management Programs
  • Differentiate in Competitive Marketplace -- Improve HEDIS Scores, STAR Ratings, Member Satisfaction and Health Plan Reputation
Achieve Your Clinical Objectives while Reducing Costs
Receive a Complimentary Health / Cost Opportunity Analysis for Your Organization
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