How We Help Patients & Caregivers


Improve Quality of Life for Those Living With Chronic Illness

  • Increase Independence, Confidence, Self-Reliance
  • Engage Patient, Drive Healthy Behavior Change at Teachable Moments
  • Improve Adherence/Compliance

Enable Connection to the Right Intervention at the Right Time

  • Extend Care While Patient is in the Comfort and Safety of Their Own Home
  • Early Identification of Health Issues and Concerning Trends Prevents Reduce Adverse Events
  • Proactively Connect Patient to Physician or Care Manager When Appropriate

Provide Peace of Mind, Stress Relief

  • “My Nurse is Watching Over Me”
  • Takes Pressure off Family and Caregivers
Safer Transition from Hospital to Home

Safer Transition from Hospital to Home

  • Safer Transitions, Shorter Recovery Times
  • Clinician Alerted to to Small Problems Before they Become Big Ones
  • Reduce Adverse Events, ED Visits, Re-hospitalizations

Family & Caregivers

Family & Caregivers

Provide Peace of Mind, Stress Relief

  • Reduce Caregiver Burden, Knowing Loved One is Continuously Watched Over
  • Comfort Knowing That Alerts Help Prevent / Mitigate Adverse Events
  • Return to More Normal Family Environment for Patient and Family

Physicians & Care Managers

Care Managers & Physicians

Provide Care Managers with Continuous Visibility into Patient’s Health Status

  • Prioritize Patients so Care Manager Can Identify Those Needing Immediate Follow-Up
  • Provide Early Identification of Individual Patient Health Issues and Concerning Trends
  • Provide Physician with More Complete View of Patient Health Status

Enables Care Manager to Connect Patient to Right Intervention at the Right Time

  • “Teachable Moment” to Educate, Guide, Motivate Patient Toward Healthy Behaviors
  • Empower Patient to Engage in Healthier Behaviors
  • Proactively Escalate Important Issues to Physician for Intervention

Drives Better Patient Outcomes and Reduction in Unnecessary Healthcare Costs

  • Proven in Peer-Reviewed, Published and Customer-Reported Clinical Studies
  • Across Wide Range of Conditions, Populations, Geographies
  • Improved Care Management Workflows Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of Care
Achieve Your Clinical Objectives while Reducing Costs
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