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Remote Patient Monitoring.
Powerful FDA class II cleared platform
End-to-end logistics
Better outcomes
Member engagement
Transforming Healthcare delivery, Enabling Access to Care, and improving member experience and outcomes.
Understanding the new 2024 CMS CPT Codes for RPM
Generate revenue and increase shared savings while delivering better patient outcomes.
Connecting Patients, Providers, & Caregivers.
Patient Satisfaction
Readmission Reduction
Reduction in ED visits
Return on Investment
Chronic Conditions Managed
Who We Serve

Partnering with Payers to enhance member experience and improve outcomes. Our virtual care and remote patient monitoring solutions reduce costs with at-risk populations while improving member satisfaction.


Deliver better health outcomes while maximizing reimbursements through our virtual care and remote patient monitoring solutions. AMC supports patient care from acute care to chronic support.


Generate revenue with our scalable virtual care and remote patient monitoring solutions that enable better outcomes for high-cost, at-risk patient populations.


Removing barriers to high-quality health care to help promote happiness and well-being. Empower your employees, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism.


Improving healthcare and access to care for veterans nationwide. AMC Health is proud to be an approved vendor of the Veterans Health Administration.


We work with partners to bring quality healthcare and access to care to all. Unlock the potential of remote patient monitoring and virtual care while working alongside a trusted, innovative organization.

We build actionable real-time communication bridges between patients and their care teams.

Member Journey
Outreach to members- full member risk stratification and engagement by our team of onboarding specialists
Tailored solution design – members receive a kit designed for their needs
Device Logistics Management- AMC manages the devices with full end-to-end logistics support
Care Management Services- our clinical team uses advanced data analytics to provide care management support and intervention
Patient Engagement- Our patient engagement specialists are trained in motivational techniques that build confidence, encourage self-management, and provide valuable condition education
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RPM Features & Benefits
Readmission Reduction
Improved Outcomes
Generate Revenue
Increase Member Satisfaction
Drive Member Engagement
Reduce Alert Fatigue
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Don’t see your preferred technology platform? Contact us today to see how we can integrate your system with AMC Health’s connected healthcare solutions.

Advanced Data Analytics

Leading the industry in terms of accuracy and sophistication predicated on proprietary machine learning fed by over 18 years of virtual patient care data.

Homepage- Advanced Data Analytics
Case Studies
Remote Monitoring Significantly Improves Blood Pressure Control
Hypertension is one of the most common chronic conditions. But only about 1 in 4 adults have their hypertension under control. This has a large impact on both those with hypertension and on payers as chronic conditions often require hospitalization and can be costly to treat, acting as a leading contributor to our nation’s $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare costs. Additionally, approximately 17.8 percent of individuals who were initially hospitalized for acute hypertensive emergency were hospitalized again within 30 days. It’s clear that additional support and interventions are required to improve these member’s quality of life and lower costs while reducing hospital readmissions. One intervention that’s been found to be highly beneficial is a virtual care solution, which we researched in our peer-reviewed study. Keep reading to learn more about what we found in our research on remote blood pressure monitoring.
Leveraging Alert Validation to Educate Patients and Reduce Costs
Care availability, equity, and quality are critical to the health and well-being of individuals across the country. To ensure members have access to these life-saving means, AMC Health has devoted time and effort to build sophisticated, yet practical solutions that empower care teams while transforming outcomes.
Telehealth Program for Medicaid Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Lowers Hemoglobin A1c
Landmark Studies of T2DM have demonstrated significant clinical benefit from intensive management...
Postdischarge Monitoring Using Interactive Voice Response System
Reduces 30-Day readmission rates in a case-managed Medicare population

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What Remote Patient Monitoring Challenges Exist for Members in 2024?
As patient care evolves, the industry needs to be nimble to anticipate and overcome obstacles for the unique needs of individual members. Specifically for those with ...
How to Get the Most Engagement from Members with Remote Patient Monitoring
Properly engaging individuals with chronic conditions, such as hypertension, is critical for developing an efficient care plan to reduce ongoing complications. To ...
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