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For Chronic Conditions, Home Is Where The Health Is

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Providers – Health Systems

AMC Health Telehealth Care and Remote Patient Monitoring programs allow you to extend care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. They receive virtual care with a genuinely personal touch. You’re able to manage treatments and progress with proactive efficiency. See measurable returns, not overextend teams.

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Payers - Health Plans

Virtual care acts as a window into the lives of your chronically ill members. Clearly identify who will respond best to telehealth and remote offerings. Engage these members to promote healthier behaviors, encourage better living, and ensure care compliance. Spot issues early and intervene before they turn critical.

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Government – VA

Our heroes deserve the absolute finest care possible. That’s why AMC Health is proud to serve the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Through our partnership with 1Vision, we extend telehealth services to millions who have served in the name of freedom. It is our honor to improve outcomes for veterans.

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AMCareAtHome Health App

AMC Health makes remote patient monitoring easier and more engaging with the AMCareAtHome Mobile App. Patients can see and track real-time vital
logs, reports, trends, and more with physicians and providers on their own mobile devices. Every feature is just a touchscreen away.

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Service & Solutions That Can Do Virtually Anything

RPM and Telecare Management
A suite of virtual care monitoring capabilities.

Patients and clinicians enjoy face-to-face engagement with stress-free telehealth appointments. Remote monitoring tracks vitals, progress, trends and alerts with ease and accuracy. We guarantee it.

FDA/Class II
We bring you vetted solutions.

AMC Health has earned best-in-class accolades from multiple peer review publications. Plus, we’re one of the few FDA Class II cleared software platforms you’ll find on the market today ensuring you remain in full compliance with Federal regulations governing remote monitoring.

Over 140 Bluetooth and tech-fresh peripherals.

We have them. We’ve cleared them. We’re ready to deploy. Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mobile App, wearables, and more. Whatever works best for your chronic care needs, we’ll make it happen.

AiBi Data Intelligence.

Our solutions provide 360-degree, data-driven insight into the partnership you have with patients, how technology is impacting it, and the bottom-line benefits your investment is yielding.

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Lead the Way

AMC Health sets the standard in virtual healthcare

AMC Health was founded in 2002. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of virtual healthcare companies come and go.

Not entirely, surprising. It’s a complex task to connect patients suffering from chronic illnesses with their care communities in ways that empower both to do better. The ambition is a human one. Yet, it’s also financial, operational, and technological. We set the standards in all of these areas.

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Engage and Empower

Patients benefit from personal involvement in their care.

At AMC Health, we understand that a big part of quality care is giving chronic patients more confidence and control.

Our Telehealth Care Management (TCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions give those living with chronic conditions a hands-on role in their own successful outcomes. Supported by virtual visits with doctors and care teams who monitor treatments, diagnostics, and progress on a daily basis, our program is both proactive medicine and a true partnership. This is how AMC Health makes virtual healthcare a human endeavor.

Trusted and Used by Top Providers, Health Plans, and Payers

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Optum Care
United Healthcare
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan
Capital Blue
Since 2002, AMC Health has enabled


meaningful automated patient interactions

It’s a big number and growing every day. But even larger, is the impact our Telehealth Care Management (TCM) and Remote Patient Management (RPM) solutions have on healthcare organizations and the chronic patients they serve. We extend care beyond the clinical setting, empowering patients to engage from their own homes and saving caregivers so much time, money, and energy, it adds up to a 2-1 ROI at the very least. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee it!

Our solutions provide a 360-degree view of patient care - diagnostics, treatments, behaviors, progress. They are proven in numerous peer-reviewed studies. They get better outcomes, while strengthening your bottom line in the process. It is a healthcare win/win. And we’re happy to prove it with a free demo.

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In healthcare, outcomes are everything. So, let us show you how AMC Health virtual care solutions Telehealth Care Management (TCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) deliver for your chronic patients, your doctors and caregivers, and your organization. Schedule your free demonstration today.

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