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Committed to making virtual care, personal care

AMC Health was formed to strengthen the connection between caregivers and patients. We do it by being your single source for clinical services and monitoring technology that expand care beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics. Everything you need to turn remote medicine into impactful patient and provider solutions – AMC Health delivers it.

Our exceptional technology and Bluetooth® peripherals work to deepen the clinician/patient bond by allowing care to continue between in-person visits. From the comfort of home, patients’ biometric and behavioral data is collected and compiled, so it can be accessed in near real-time by care providers. Telehealth visits provide face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, in the most cost-efficient and convenient manner possible.

At AMC Health, we take healthcare from an inconsistent, episodic model to a proactive, real-time delivery approach that increases effectiveness, maximizes time and dollars, promotes patient involvement, and leads to better outcomes.

Using virtual technology, we actually make healthcare a more personal and positive experience for everyone involved.

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Our History – A Tradition of Excellence.

A better way to care for chronic conditions

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AMC Health was founded in 2002 by Nesim Bildirici shortly after losing his father, Gabriel Bildirici, to chronic heart failure.

Nesim personally experienced the heart-wrenching challenges patients and their advocates face when trying to manage chronic illness. These can include a lack of coordination between caregivers, dealing with multiple providers, trying to decipher complex treatment plans and multiple medications, patient comprehension issues, and the complications of co-morbidities.

Convinced his father would have lived a longer and better life had a healthcare delivery model been available that allowed care teams to remotely monitor his father’s condition, Nesim founded AMC Health.

Our company is a passion project that has turned into monumental new opportunities for chronic patients. We were founded to change things. Today, AMC Health continues to proudly lead the way in remote care innovation.