Honoring Our Heroes – Doug Castle

Why did you choose the Marine Corps?
There were seven of us in my high school graduating class who all joined together. My high school class was a recruiters dream! Of the seven of us, three of us retired from the Marine Corps.

How long did you serve?
After a consideration to get out of the Marine Corps after my initial four years, I ended up reenlisting and the next thing I knew, I was retiring with just shy of 30 years of service. My years of service were from 1979-2008.

Did you come from a military family?
Sort of, yet, not really. My Dad served in the Air Force with B-47s and he exited the Air Force just before I was born. As for my family, my son had his eyes on the Air Force until he had the onset of diabetes at the age of 16; my daughter did serve in the Marine Corps for five years as an Intel Marine. One of my favorite pictures was taken at her boot camp graduation.

Doug Castle and his daughter, Erin

What do you do outside of work?
We all have something that gets our heart rate above 80 that is NOT work related. That said, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and there is not a day that goes by to where I have not been thinking about how to improve an existing business model or create/start a business I “think” would be successful. These days, it is all about serving others and trying to fulfill a recognized need. A close second is plain and simple; spending time with family. After 30 years as a Marine in uniform, now, as I look back, there were many things I missed. I cannot change that, however, I can prioritize differently these days and make the best of each day.

Doug Castle and his wife, Christy

What was the favorite place you lived?
I had the privilege of living in Moscow, Russia as a part of the American Embassy staff. I would have to say Moscow was my favorite place, which is ironic because I do not like cold weather and it gets stupid-cold in Moscow. There was snow on the ground (when I was there) from September to May. The softball season was four weeks long! Yet the history in that city and to be able to visit St. Petersburg allowed for a lifetime of memories for my family. My son and daughter were able to attend an international school during their 11th and 7th grades respectively.