Honoring our Heroes – Earl Roberts

Earl Roberts, E-5
United States Army (1963-1966)

What inspired you to serve?

With me, I think that it was initially my interest in experiencing other lands, people and cultures, coupled with a genuine youthful urge for the adventure. It was after I had enlisted and had begun to serve (during the Vietnam War era), that I came to feel a very strong and real sense of duty, and a unique sense of honor to serve. To this very day that sense of duty and honor for country has not ever left me – nor has the pride to have served our remarkable nation in a time of change. I grew-up in a close and tight-knit family environment where faith in God, love of country, a good work ethic, and higher education, were among our most important and cherished values. By those standards, it was no giant leap for me to become inspired to serve.

What did you do while serving in the U.S. Army?

I was assigned to an infantry unit, where I was regularly promoted through the non-commissioned officers ranks, as I served in a variety of non-com leadership roles ranging from heavy weapons units to tactical squads. I was asked (by my Company Commander) to re-enlist, and he would recommend me for Officers Candidate School. By that time I had begun to sense that there was something else for me outside of the military. That “something else” eventually led to managerial roles in the secular world, and 35 years of Pastoral service in the Christian church. It was my experiences in the United States Army, that prepared me and guided me through a corporate career, and a long blessed tenure of church leadership, community building, and the character development of other men and women.

Did you visit any other countries?

I visited Germany, England and France. Serving in Europe was a wonderful character-expanding experience to me. To serve in any country (upon any Continent) outside of our great United States of America provides us with an opportunity to help develop a much broader world view.

If you had it to do all over again, what would you have done differently?

As I look back now (being 75 years of age) I think that my Military Experience would have been greatly enhanced had I ventured to learn more about the many different people-groups that I had the privilege of meeting. In our world today, the more that we take the time to learn about one another (as humanity), the greater things we can begin to accomplish together, worldwide – as one single species… Humanity.

Thank you to Earl Roberts, (U.S. Army veteran), for sharing his story and to all veterans who have served this country, past and present.

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