AMC Health Named Best Telemedicine Service for General Care by

NEW YORK, NY May 9, 2018 — AMC Health, the leading provider of proven real-time virtual care solutions announced today that, an organization covering business industry news and trends for growth companies and the B2B community, has named AMC Health “The Best Telemedicine Service for General Care for 2018.” This accolade follows other recent company achievements, most notably, AMC Health’s partnership with 1Vision resulting in the recent home telehealth contract home with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

As government measures aim to reduce healthcare spending and improve patient outcomes, healthcare systems and providers are looking for technology-based solutions to assist them meet these demands. Innovative telemedicine technologies like AMC Health’s virtual care solutions can help bridge the gap between the overtaxed medical staff and disengaged patients. Through AMC Health, patients are empowered to better manage their health at home while clinicians are better equipped with the information needed to support clinical decision making.

“We are honored to be recognized as a leader in telehealth delivery this year,” Nesim Bildirici, founder and CEO of AMC Health. “In the constantly evolving healthcare environment, remote patient monitoring continues to be an important piece to the value-based care conversation. Our recognition from further validates our strategy and approach of using technology to transform healthcare, and highlights the continued momentum driving the remote patient monitoring industry.”

At the core of AMC Health’s offering is the CareConsole® clinical platform. CareConsole provides embedded clinical decision support tools that integrates data from any device, EHR, claims platform, or third-party call center for presentation on the web, in near-real-time, 24/7. The company’s comprehensive virtual care solution consists of robust population-wide analytics, end-to-end logistics support, patient engagement, and monitoring and coaching. With AMC Health, customers receive a holistic telemedicine service that extends the reach of care beyond the walls of bricks-and-mortar clinical venues.


For over 15 years, AMC Health has led healthcare transformation through the use of virtual technologies. The company is the leading provider of real-time virtual care solutions. Its FDA Class II cleared platform, end to end services and clinically proven solutions enable healthcare organizations to securely extend ‎their services beyond the four walls of the hospital and ambulatory clinic settings. Providing cost-effective population health management, the company’s ever-expanding ecosystem delivers scalable virtual care programs for health systems and payers, connecting to more than 200 devices, apps, and integrations via a single connection. AMC’s customers’ peer-reviewed published studies highlight clinical improvements for conditions like heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension, reductions in hospital admissions, and solid financial return on investment. For more information, visit