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AMC Health was founded to break down healthcare barriers and open new doors for patients with chronic conditions. The AMCareAtHome App is one more way we’re doing it.

It’s free on the App Store and Google Play. It downloads in seconds. It’s compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Most importantly, it connects patients using any monitoring device – whether it’s one of ours or not – directly with their care teams and a full range of AMC Health services.

Getting the app is as easy as 1-2-3 and patients don’t have to be techies to use it.

  1. Patients download the Free AMCareAtHome App
  2. They follow a few easy registration steps
  3. They’re ready to track vitals, log reports, get updates, and connect with care teams.

Features & Benefits – What Our App Can Do

The AMCareAtHome App makes it easier and more convenient than ever for patients to track their progress and share it with physicians and providers. Every service and feature is just a touchscreen away and an intuitive CareConsole® dashboard displays every diagnostic in easy-to-read reports.

  • Log and track daily vitals - BP, BG, Weight, Temperature, SpO2
  • Enjoy real-time connection to all vitals and reports
  • Care teams automatically receive health alerts for fast issue resolution
  • Patients can connect with care teams anytime via text messaging and two-way video
  • Patients receive ongoing educational content and resources
  • Customizable, real-time health surveys give care teams instant insight
  • Track patient health trends (7, 14, and 30 days)
  • Connect via any mobile device or by using the online portal

We launched the AMCareAtHome app because we believe every chronic patient and clinical team deserves access to the best resources out there. No one does remote monitoring better than AMC Health and we’re proud to make our services available to any and all who can benefit from them.

Ask your patients to visit the App Store or Google Play to download the AMCareAtHome app today.


Download on the App Store   Download for Android

AMCareAtHome Connects to CareConsole

One of the few FDA Class II cleared clinical platform services software to manage clinically-proven, remote care programs for a wide variety of patient populations.

How We Do it

AMC Health’s proprietary solution includes more than 200 Bluetooth® devices that connect seamlessly across all chronic care needs and is fully integrated with our CareConsole that captures incoming biometric, patient-reported, and clinician-reported outcomes to enable intimate communication and care management for a wide variety of patient populations.

Why we do it.

Incorporating proven, rules-driven algorithms, CareConsole prioritizes and risk stratifies the data, triggers alerts from data that falls outside pre-determined thresholds and presents real-time insights as actionable information through a secure web portal. The platform services tools embedded within CareConsole not only allow for patient-by-patient alert setting customization, but also provide trending analytics and population-wide benchmarking.

What’s in it for you.

Fueled by advanced proprietary analytics, CareConsole offers a superior telehealth experience for you and your patients.


Collage of images for the AMC Health Care Console app

A 360° for your patients and your entire patient population!

  • Clinical analysis of biometrics from more than 200 Bluetooth® devices and patient self-reported data
  • Seamless integration with existing clinical and financial workflows including EHRs that helps create new depth of insight
  • Robust library of long-term curriculums (up to 90 days) supporting a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas including behavioral health
  • Deep machine learning to drive real-time population analyses of patients who are at risk for a hospitalization
  • Extensive, customizable reporting tools, dashboards and segmentation including technology utilization analytics and patient disease risk patterns
Doctor on a smartphone during a virtual doctor's visit

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In healthcare, outcomes are everything. So, let us show you how AMC Health virtual care solutions Telehealth Care Management (TCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) deliver for your chronic patients, your doctors and caregivers, and your organization. Schedule your free demonstration today.

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