Products Driven by Innovation

How it works



Over 200 easy-to-use, safe and seamless Bluetooth connected devices.



Only platform that guarantees better outcomes and a better patient/provider experience.



Collaborate across all care settings and manage your population health, while helping keep high-risk patients out of the ER and hospital.

How it looks

AMC provides you and your members with a superior telehealth (virtual care) experience.

Our state-of-the-art platform and Bluetooth peripherals gives you more of what your clinical teams need and want – more time, increased ROI, better patient adherence and improved outcomes.


AMC Health’s 360-degree patient view simplifies RPM across all care settings by:

  • Empowering and engaging patients
  • Providing a superior patient/provider experience
  • Reducing routine visits and increasing practice capacity through proven cost saving solutions
  • Easily track clinical time so you can bill for remote care through turn-key reimbursements



Finally a RPM Solution that…

Gives you what you need to manage your population health from end-to-end, while giving your patients more convenience and peace of mind in the comfort of their own home.

A better health care experience, care at home and from the heart.  That’s AMC Health.