Clinical Trials

AMC Health provides telehealth solutions for Clinical Trials Sponsors, CROs and Sites to remotely collect biometric, observational and subjective data from study subjects at home. Our FDA Class II cleared platform integrates bi-directional video, Bluetooth® sensor devices and smartphone mobile applications to create an e-Visit to replace or augment traditional study visits.

Recruit and Retain More Subjects

  • Speed recruitment by expanding subject reach to those living far from study site
  • Improve retention by reducing patient time and travel burden
  • Engage and inform subjects with mobile apps, video and text

Obtain Robust and Actionable Data

  • Send data to study team in near real-time
  • Improve protocol adherence and drug compliance
  • Improve member safety monitoring and oversight
  • Correlate findings to other factors (activity, sleep, diet, mood)

Reduce Duration and Cost

  • Faster recruitment shortens study duration
  • Improved retention reduces study size
  • Improved workflow at the clinical research site
  • Eliminates transcription errors

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