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AMC Health offers end to end key clinical, business intelligence and logistics services for a unique and comprehensive approach to patient care. Plus, comprehensive logistics and help desk support for shipping, cleaning and inventorying peripherals ensure timely deployment to patients.

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TCM Clinical Services

AMC Health’s registered nurses and certified diabetes educators from across the country are trained in remote care management to help customers extend their reach outside the hospital with levels of intervention that match the intensity of patient needs.

To help drive adherence, compliance and behavioral shifts, our telecare managers:

  • Analyze and validate the remote data captured from patients
  • Follow-up with patients to clarify self-reported information and address compliance issues
  • Provide targeted disease education
  • Identify barriers that may be affecting utilization

Expertly use behavior intervention techniques to proactively address negative trends

AMC Health uses registration specialists who are highly trained in patient engagement and the benefits of remote patient monitoring, to educate patients and enroll them into our program. All engagement campaign metrics are carefully tracked and reported to clients on a regular basis.

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Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

AMC Health offers deep business intelligence to support the successful creation and maintenance of population health programs.

Our advanced analytic services enable organizations to integrate insights into their day-to-day operations and workflows to augment decision making at the point of care.

  • Data mining and population health analytics
  • Predictive risk analytics
  • Patient disease progression
  • Chronic disease models and risk patterns
  • Utilization analytics
  • Eligibility verses claim analytics
  • Program evaluation to modify program targeting and interventions

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AMC Health frees customers from having to assume anything required for the operation, installation, protection or retrieval of technology placed in a patient’s home. We provide end-to-end logistics and support including:

  • Acquisition testing and calibration
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery and installation
  • Patient and caregiver instruction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Servicing
  • Device retrieval and sanitization for redeployment

Learn more about AMC Health’s end-to-end services and the results we can help you achieve.

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