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Effective virtual care programs are built by leveraging the right technologies for the patient to offer an individual approach to care that ensures maximum outcomes.

AMC Health offers sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology to best support your patients based on their needs, lifestyle and comfort level with technology. Customizable (ala carte) solutions for your patients help you deploy what a patient needs and wants, ensuring improved compliance.

We offer a holistic and seamless collection of biometric and self-reported data from patients, remotely. From simple yet effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offerings to an engaging mobile tablet offering video, AMC Health provides a powerful connection to your patients.

  • IVR, Text, Email or Phone with customizable scripts
  • Mobile
  • Vendor Agnostic Bluetooth Devices/Peripherals
  • Web
  • Video for telehealth visits

AMC Health offers better access to care, convenience and peace of mind for your patients in their own home. And, we guarantee our results with proven through multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Computer, tablet, and mobile phone showing AMC Health's software

More than 200 wireless, Bluetooth® enabled devices

From wireless blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and scales to pulse oximeters and more, AMC offers the most advanced telemedicine equipment to allow clinical teams to monitor patients right from their home.

The data retrieved from these technologies is sent securely to AMC Health’s cloud-based servers for presentation, in real-time, through our state-of-the-art CareConsole® patient management software available to care managers 24/7.

All health data can be exported to customer clinical management systems as part of a comprehensive integration.

See our innovative remote patient monitoring solutions in action and learn more about the results AMC Health can help you achieve.

Woman talking to her doctor during a virtual consult

Doctor on a smartphone during a virtual doctor's visit

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