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Connected care like you've never seen

Discover a connected network of intuitive, reliable devices that inform a one-of-a-kind clinical decision support platform that empowers your clinical team to impact a diverse set of members.

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Access actionable insights to engage members wherever they are

Empower your care team to be the best they can be by leveraging data that connects care with transformative, RPM solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Health is amplified by advanced data that connects care virtually anywhere. Members receive access that goes beyond the hospital for better care while allowing you to achieve higher quality scores.

Telecare Management

Intervene at crucial times with care connected directly to the member experience. Advanced clinical partnerships mean alerts and notifications are monitored for safe resolutions.

Machine Learning Analytics

Our insights are smarter than the rest. Based on over 2 decades of intuitive experience, we connect advance machine learning and AI with some of the brightest minds in modern healthcare.

Chronic Care Management

Help members get their health back on track. From hypertension to diabetes and even heart failure, many various conditions are made manageable through programs designed for each unique individual.

Member Onboarding & Support

Expose your care to more members. In-house support brings more boots on the ground to connect your offerings to more individuals. From enrollment to support, we engage members and encourage involvement.

Quality Focused, Clinically Driven

Star Measures and HEDIS are a constant focus. Integrate programs that help members while improving scores. Solutions are customized across several chronic conditions to connect payers to the best ROI and members to the best outcomes.

Increase your star ratings and HEDIS measures

Integrate custom care plans to ensure consistent engagement that reduces readmission rates, improves control of blood pressure, and strengthens management of blood sugar. Member satisfaction will be boosted, contributing to higher quality scores and performance metrics​​​​​​.

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Improve efficiencies with actionable data and care support

Gain real-time insights that provide predictive analytics to enable informed decisions that make a difference for members. Effectively streamline coordination while proactively addressing potential health issues before they escalate with data that is optimized for resource allocation.

Ready to connect your members with healthier outcomes?

Discover how AMC Health can strengthen your relationship with members by improving their outcomes while driving your organization to achieve higher quality standards.

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