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Remote Patient Monitoring.
Transforming Healthcare delivery, Enabling Access to Care, and improving member experience and outcomes.
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Understanding the new 2024 CMS CPT Codes for RPM

Generate revenue and increase shared savings while delivering better patient outcomes.

icon.rpm platform
RPM 2.0 Platform
  • FDA class II cleared
  • Clinically proven
  • Real-time data
  • Actionable analytics
icon.continuous member engagement
Continuous Patient Engagement
  • Empower your patients/members
  • Improve health literacy
  • Increase program adherence
  • Educational Resources
  • Over 200 integrated wireless devices
  • High-tech and low-tech
  • Clinical and non-clinical interventions
  • Devices for over 100 chronic and acute conditions
icon.telehealth management device
Tailored clinical monitoring
  • Disease-specific advanced monitoring
  • Wireless device monitoring
  • Reduce unnecessary healthcare encounter
  • Integrates with your clinical workflows
icon.end to end logistics
End-to-End Logistics

We manage all device logistics from ordering, delivery, collection, refurbishment

icon.clinical staffing
Clinical Staffing

Full telecare management services are available in all 50 states through our care management team of licensed nurses.

Conditions Monitored
icon.heart failure
Heart Failure

Remote monitoring lets you proactively uncover issues before they become episodes. Our program helps detect exacerbations so you can provide timely clinical interventions.


AMC Health delivers improved and sustained outcomes for reductions in HbA1c, blood glucose, reduction in ED visits, as well as improved adherence and improved communication between patients and providers.


RPM can help control high blood pressure through consistent monitoring, identifies out of range readings to prevent episodes and also promotes self-management and behavioral changes of patients.

icon.cad + kad

The presence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease (CAD). Clinicians should be aware that the risk of dying from cardiovascular causes in patients with CKD is significantly higher than developing end-stage renal disease.

icon.asthma + copd
Asthma & COPD

RPM can help reduce rescue inhaler use which may result in more days without symptoms and a better quality of life

icon.ed readim hospital reduc
Emergency Department Readmission & Hospital Reduction

Identify and monitor high risk patients to further reduce preventable hospital readmissions. Improved communication with these patients ensures more timely access to care, reduced costs, and improved continuity of care.


Remote monitoring devices track valuable patient information that doctors can review and use to make treatment changes and updates. Important vitals and activity data can be captured and viewed real-time by the care team.

RPM reduces stigma, mitigates the need for childcare, minimizes healthcare system navigation, and eliminates barriers to care, making it a necessary and promising model for providing care to people with HIV.

icon.mental wellness
Mental Health

AMC Health provides the latest in RPM programs for a wide variety of mental health conditions. These solutions keep your patients/members connected with their clinical teams.

At Risk Maternity

AMC Health’s Remote Maternity Care Program provides a tailored service to safely monitor mom and baby using our proven and trusted mobile devices. We help identify, predict, and prevent health risks.


AMC Health provides advance remote patient monitoring solutions for newborns requiring extra support.

icon.wellness health ed

We offer a broad offering of remote patient monitoring solutions for general wellness, weight loss and other programs.

icon.wellness health ed
Health Education

Health education and health literacy are key features to successful remote patient monitoring programs. recon
Medication Reconciliation & Optimization

Monitor medication adherence and help patients stay on track to improve outcomes and provide visibility to drive necessary interventions.

icon.wound management
Wound Management

Visual inspection of wounds and wound care progress can help prevent infections through early interventions and reduce costly readmissions. discharge ivr
Post Discharge IVR

Post discharge monitoring using interactive voice response system reduces 30-day readmission rates. Results include improved care coordination, better patient outcomes and reduced hospitalizations.

Sustained hypertension control at 18 mo
Sustained improvement in glycemic control
Reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions
Reduced risk of microvascular complications
Reduced risk of heart attacks
Reduced risk of stroke
Reduction in blood pressure
All-cause readmission reduction
Reduction in Hospitalizations
Return on Investment
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Patient-generated health data points (per day, on average)
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Increase patient satisfaction
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