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At AMC Health, proven best practices and the latest advancements in remote medicine work hand-in-hand to elevate care and improve program management.

Care Management Technology and Services

We’re proud to offer one of the few FDA Class II cleared virtual care management software platforms in the industry. AMC Health will create a customized remote care program for you and your patients driven by advanced analytics, innovative end-user applications, and dynamic software—all leveraged to meet your unique care requirements and professional needs. You’re able to continuously monitor patient data to spot potential gaps in care and lapses in patient compliance, which means you’re able to act and intervene quickly, preventing adverse outcomes and avoiding unforeseen costs.

Products Driven by Innovation

The Products Driving Remote Care.
The innovation propelling virtual care forward is astounding. At AMC Health, we leverage it to create a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) environment where patients and providers work together to enhance care, track progress, make life easier, and, most importantly, improve outcomes.

We support dozens of Bluetooth peripherals that invest patients in their own care. They play an active role in their success, which improves their experience and yours as a provider. You’ll see better patient adherence; clinicians who are far less strapped for time; and measurable bottom-line ROI. We guarantee at least a 2-1 return!

Empower and engage patients
Improve patient and provider experiences
Collaborate easily across all care settings
Reduce routine visits and ER visits and increase practice capacity
Track clinical time so you can bill for remote care through turnkey reimbursements
See guaranteed ROI

Finally, a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution that provides the tools and expertise you need to manage population health, while providing your patients with unmatched convenience, care, and peace-of-mind.

That’s AMC Health.

Doctor on a smartphone during a virtual doctor's visit

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In healthcare, outcomes are everything. So, let us show you how AMC Health virtual care solutions Telehealth Care Management (TCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) deliver for your chronic patients, your doctors and caregivers, and your organization. Schedule your free demonstration today.

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