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Post discharge monitoring using interactive voice response system reduces 30-day readmission rates.
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Coordinated Care at Home

Post discharge monitoring using interactive voice response system reduces 30-day readmission rates. Results include improved care coordination, better patient outcomes and reduced hospitalizations.

Patients often experience complications when transitioning from hospital to home. These complications are frequently related to poor monitoring. An interactive voice response system (IVRS) is proven to improve post-discharge monitoring.   

Monitoring patients post-discharge helps to identify patients with new or worsening symptoms, problems with medication, or requests to speak with clinical staff.

Case Studies
Effect of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Pharmacist Management on Blood Pressure Control
A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial
Telehealth Program for Medicaid Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Lowers Hemoglobin A1c
Landmark Studies of T2DM have demonstrated significant clinical benefit from intensive management...
Postdischarge Monitoring Using Interactive Voice Response System
Reduces 30-Day readmission rates in a case-managed Medicare population
Can Telemonitoring Reduce Hospitalization and Cost Care?
A health plan's experience in managing patients with heart failure.

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