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NICU / At-Risk Maternity
Improved Prenatal Outcomes
Personalized Prenatal Care
Improved Postpartum Outcomes
Real-time Risk Detection
Engage and remotely monitor your pregnant and post-partum patients
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AMC Health‘s Remote Maternity Care and NICU Programs provide a tailored service to safely monitor mom and baby using our proven and trusted mobile devices.

We help identify, predict, and prevent health risks.


  • Daily Vitals
    • Weight, Intake/Feeding, PulseOx, and Temperature 
  • Communication
    • Text Messages, Video-Connect, Educational Material & Surveys 
  • Health Trends
    • Tracks health trends over 7, 14-30 days 
  • Education
    • Condition specific
Remote Patient Monitoring
Monitoring of vitals during pregnancy and through 1-year postpartum enables providers to deploy end-to-end, risk-specific virtual care programs to manage their maternal population remotely more effectively.

Reuniting families sooner by enabling parents and newborns to be monitored in the comfort of their home through daily virtual care, remote patient monitoring and symptom monitoring.
Virtually Connected

Virtually connecting providers with their patients between visits to educate, empower and engage them through daily customized educational content, assessments and surveys.

Reduced Costs, Improved Outcomes

Reduce cost of care and improve outcomes for pregnant members and newborns through enhanced care coordination and monitoring.

Reduced Costs
Data Sharing
Data Sharing for Providers

Eliminate barriers of access to care for maternal members and newborns and provide medical and social risk data to providers.

Remote Mental Health Monitoring

Remotely monitor your member's and patients’ mental health issues during pregnancy and in the post-partum period through 1-year. Convenient and private mental health assessments through surveys provide insight and intervention between the mother and her provider.

Mental Health
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Customized & Comprehensive Solutions Enable
  • Early detection of risks during pregnancy, delivery & postnatal care
  • Continuous monitoring associated with pregnancy problems, coexistent illnesses and age
  • Easy to use Bluetooth peripherals and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)
  • Educational materials and resources for enrolled patients risk maternity
At-Risk Maternity Conditions
  • Gestational Diabetes and/or Pregnancy
  • Induced Hypertension (PIH)
  • Preeclampsia
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)
  • Monitoring Underweight Pregnant Women
  • Post-Partum Issues
  • Pregnancies Not Flagged as High-Risk:
  • Routine reminders
  • Brief, weekly health education sessions on nutrition, risk factors, exercise, etc.
PIH and Preeclampsia

Identified with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), Preeclampsia or related diagnoses on claims or from the electronic health record (EHR), validated by prescribed medication and/or lab results

  • BMI ≥ 30
  • First-time mothers
  • Family history of PIH or Preeclampsia
  • Women younger than 20 or older than 40
  • Women carrying multiple fetuses
  • Those with documented chronic hypertension or kidney disease before pregnancy
NICU remote patient monitoring features
  • Daily Vitals
    • Weight, Intake/Feeding, PulseOx, and Temperature
  • Communication
    • Text Messages, Video-Connect, Educational Material & Surveys
  • Health Trends
    • Tracks health trends over 7, 14-30 days
  • Education
Maternity Monitoring Screens
Sustained hypertension control at 18 mo
Sustained improvement in glycemic control
Reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions
Reduced risk of microvascular complications
Reduced risk of heart attacks
Reduced risk of stroke
Reduction in blood pressure
All-cause readmission reduction
Reduction in Hospitalizations
Return on Investment
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Patient-generated health data points (per day, on average)
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Increase patient satisfaction
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