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Machine Learning Analytics
Improve Patient Outcomes
Actionable analytics
Reduce hospitalizations
Care Console solution and tool suite leverages dynamic data, collected virtually from patients’ homes, to detect the earliest indications of clinical deterioration

Leading the industry in terms of accuracy and sophistication predicated on proprietary machine learning fed by 20 years of virtual patient care data.

Advanced Machine-learning capabilities alert clinicians to opportunities that optimize treatment, predict decompensation, better engage patients, and ultimately identify and prevent serious medical events before they occur.

Through AMC’s algorithm-driven platform, clinicians can deliver more timely and effective care leading to significant, demonstrated improvements in clinical outcomes and client ROI.


Our advanced analytics allows us to become the best possible resource to our clients in such domains as:

  • Standard and customized reporting meaningful to your unique program objectives
  • Candidate selection accuracy & enrollment success
  • Performance improvement benchmarking
  • Better tools for gauging patient satisfaction
icon.continuous member engagement
Advanced reporting and data analytics
icon.better member care
Patient selection & Stratification
icon.improve roi
Alerts and reduced alert fatigue
icon.clinical staffing
Sophisticated machine learning
If additional resources are needed, AMC can provide telecare management and full virtual clinical resources, certified in all 50 states.
Case Studies
Effect of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Pharmacist Management on Blood Pressure Control
A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial
Telehealth Program for Medicaid Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Lowers Hemoglobin A1c
Landmark Studies of T2DM have demonstrated significant clinical benefit from intensive management...
Postdischarge Monitoring Using Interactive Voice Response System
Reduces 30-Day readmission rates in a case-managed Medicare population
Can Telemonitoring Reduce Hospitalization and Cost Care?
A health plan's experience in managing patients with heart failure.

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