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For Payers
Improve Clinical Outcomes
Drive member engagement and satisfaction
Improve Cost Controls
Drive better adherence rates
Optimize your member experience with remote patient Monitoring and our enhanced care coordination solutions.

Leverage AMC Health’s 20 years of experience as a consultative virtual care facilitator, offering enhanced care coordination with remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telecare management (TCM) solutions for patients with chronic conditions, high-risk pregnancies, and complex diseases including cancer and behavioral health.

AMC Health supports and scales payers’ care management chronic condition programs and its virtual care management programs for all lines of business (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial) by:

  • Identifying and enrolling ideal candidates who will benefit extended outreach
  • Deploying targeted engagement tactics to encourage program compliance
  • Delivering risk stratification analytics to inform targeted telecare outreach
  • Calculating program success through clinical and financial outcomes analyses

AMC Health’s Virtual Care, Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solutions are designed to engage your members, enhance care delivery, support your value-based partners

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Ease of Use

All of our devices are wireless for convenience and easy to use on a daily basis regardless of age and location.

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Better Member Care

Provide better care and better access to care for members while empowering them to take charge of their own health.

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Advanced Analytics

Real-time data and machine learning capabilities identifies rising risk and is accessible through our Care Console platform.

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Clinical Staffing

AMC Health’s strategy for reducing alert fatigue ensures your clinical team is not unnecessarily overwhelmed by false alerts.

If additional resources are needed, AMC Health can provide telecare management and full virtual clinical resources, certified in all 50 states.

A high-powered analytics platform, coupled with clinical processes and in-home monitoring devices produces a longitudinal record of a person’s experience.

Payers and providers can leverage this longitudinal view to inform and deploy these enhanced care management tactics that lower the cost of healthcare, reduce unnecessary healthcare encounters, and improve overall outcomes.

How it works

AMC Health’s FDA Class II cleared, clinically proven care management platform manages remote care programs for a wide variety of patient populations across all care settings. Our platform makes your disease management and post-acute-care programs more efficient and effective.

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Monitor & engage your members

Our RPM and Virtual Care solutions enable a level of care and support that empowers your members and creates a measurable impact.

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Ongoing Risk-Stratification

Leveraging over 19 years of historical data, AMC Health provides accurate patient stratification based on true risk and minimizing false alerts.

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Chronic Care Management

Powered by AMC Health's CareConsole®, the only FDA Class II cleared, our care management platform manages remote care programs for a variety of populations.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Alerts allow clinicians to identify opportunities to optimize treatment, predict decompensation, and identify and prevent medical events before they occur.

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Member Condition Education

Increase member engagement and empower member self-management through education resources and AMC Health's automated health coach.

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Virtual Care Solutions

Leverage a comprehensive and robust suite of virtual care solutions including Tele-Care Management, and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Sustained hypertension control at 18 mo
Sustained improvement in glycemic control
Reduction in all-cause 30-day readmissions
Reduced risk of microvascular complications
Reduced risk of heart attacks
Reduced risk of stroke
Reduction in blood pressure
All-cause readmission reduction
Reduction in Hospitalizations
Return on Investment
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Patient-generated health data points (per day, on average)
Reduction in CHF readmissions
Increase patient satisfaction
Advantages of AMC Health’s RPM Program
Increase Access to Care
Improve HEDIS/STARS Quality
Identify Social Determinants of Health barriers
Data to Identify Risk Factors (Clinical and Non-Clinical)
Reduce Total Cost of Care / MLR
Lower Readmissions / Avoidable Hospitalizations / ED
Engage Members in Self-Care
High Member Satisfaction
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